Wind beneficiation

Air classifier is mainly used for non-metallic ore sorting, separation of the gangue portion such as asbestos, mica and the like. Wind classification is mainly used for: dry closed-circuit grinding, grading of fine particles before dry sorting, dry dust collection, and the like.

Due to the low density of air media, the efficiency of sorting is not high. The suitable inclusion particle size is generally 1.5 to 0.005 mm, and the individual fiber-like and sheet-like particle sizes may be larger, such as mica maximum particle size of up to 3 mm. The moisture content in the material has a serious impact on the sorting efficiency. The more dry the material is, the more favorable it is for sorting. Therefore, the dust is large and pollutes the environment. There must be a complicated dust collecting system in the production. However, wind beneficiation has the advantage that the product does not have to be dehydrated, and the process of dehydrating and drying the fine granular or flake product can be omitted. In addition, for severely water-deficient areas, wind beneficiation shows its superiority.

The 330D2 L comes with a number of new developments and features, including engine speed control, a new fuel fi ltration
system, and a built-in economy mode to help decrease fuel consumption up to 15% (as compared to 329D L U.S. EPA Tier 2,

EU Stage II equivalent). A variable-speed fan with viscous clutch reduces noise and saves energy. 

cat 330D2L

Cat 330D2L Hydraulic Excavator

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