How scary is Industry 4.0? Can China really learn?

Assume that one day, you suddenly want a car. You take out your mobile phone, click on the APP, and enter your customization requirements. You just wait for the factory to arrange production, assembly, and distribution. Such customized smart production may not be far away. In the era of Industry […]

Electronic scale sensor how to choose

How to choose an electronic scale sensor ? We all know that the sensor is an indispensable part of the electronic scale. Therefore, we must pay more attention to the purchase of electronic scale sensors. How can we get a good electronic scale sensor? ? Today, Shanghai Hengheng Xiaobian came to sha[…]

The characteristics of decal ceramics and hand-painted …

There are two kinds of pictures on porcelain: decals and hand-painted ones. Porcelain decals are made by printing patterns on paper and affixing them to ceramics. The hand-painted paintings are hand-drawn. Ceramic decals are the use of paste method to move the color pattern on the paper to the cera[…]

CNC machining of screw sleeve

CNC machining of equipment and anti-corrosion screw bushings Xu Guibin Wang Zhengfang Du Shaoguang Xue Zhaojun Sun Tingbo (Qilu Petrochemical Company Machinery Factory, Zibo, Shandong, 255400) In the localization of imported equipment parts, a new kind of new technology is proposed. Ideas can be pr[…]

Realize the industrialization of salt water battery and…

In the Silver Star Technology Park, Shenzhen Haineng Power Holdings Co., Ltd., general manager Zheng Xiaoyuan took out a safety warning tripod without electricity. He took out the battery, dipped the positive and negative poles in a water cup, and then put the battery back. The tripod flashes immed[…]

Similarities and differences between production lines a…

Production line definition The production line is the route through which the product's production process passes, that is, starting from the time when the raw material enters the production site, and the route constituted by a series of production activities such as processing, transportatio[…]

· The first quarter of China's automobile boom ind…

The latest China Automotive Industry Climate Index (ACI) released in the first quarter of 2017 shows that China's auto industry is still operating smoothly, but it has entered a critical state of cooling. The China Association of Automobile Manufacturers released the China Automotive Industry […]