The development of automotive fastener industry is very…

According to the latest China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, by the end of 2012, China's auto production and sales are expected to exceed 20 million vehicles. Key words for automobiles in the "2012 Government Work Report" - control of incremental pushes and reorgani[…]

Application of Online Water Quality Instrument in Energ…

The annual discharge of urban sewage in China is 35.6 billion tons. With the development of urbanization, the discharge of urban sewage is still increasing. By the end of 2008, there were 1,400 municipal sewage treatment plants throughout the country, and 1,000 municipal sewage treatment plants were[…]

EU Tyre Label Law Impacts Jiangsu Tire Exports

Jiangsu tire companies only got out of the plight of the US tire special security case, but also by the EU tire labeling law. According to Kunshan Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Kunshan exported 1,464 batches of tires in the first quarter of 2013, with a total amount of 11,213 million US dollar[…]

Which aspects to consider when choosing the truck crane…

With the crane lifting and loading in one, the use of convenient and flexible, more and more driver friends began to get involved in the truck crane cargo industry. So how to choose the car crane? To this end, Xiao Bian consulted with the manufacturer of the[…]

RY air-cooled heat pump the correct use

First of all, after the heat-conducting oil pump and the pipe are installed, whether it be the use of water pressure, air pressure, heat pump inlet and outlet valve must be closed before pressure test to prevent damage to seals, resulting in oil spills.    1. Ready to boot  […]

How to troubleshoot a pump?

The following faults usually occur during use of the pump: 1. The water pump leaks. 2. The pump does not operate. 3. There is abnormal sound when the pump works. The exclusion method is: 1. Water leakage from the overflow hole below the water pump shaf[…]

Escort Armored Car

China Automotive Networking Armored Cars Catalogues are included in the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Armored Cars Auto Announcement All 7 Categories 30 Manufacturers 25 Armored Car Brands 1052 Armored Car Product Information, Lates[…]