Suspension roller disc grinding machine

Suspension roller disc grinding machine (Fig. 1), also known as Raymond mill, belongs to the disc non-moving disc grinder. The plum blossom frame 1 is suspended with 3-5 rollers, which are driven by the transmission device to revolve around the central axis of the body, and the roller itself rotates. The centrifugal force generated by the revolution causes the roller to open outwardly and press against the grinding ring of the disc. A part of the material fed through the feeder and the chute (i.e., the feeding portion 5) on the side of the body falls to the bottom of the tray, is scooped up by the blade 4 and fed between the roller and the disc, and is ground by the roller. The blade is attached to the plum blossom stand and rotates with the plum blossom stand and the roller. Each roller has a slanted blade on the front. Returning to the bellows 6 to blow the airflow from the lower part of the fixed disc in a tangential direction. When passing through the grinding zone, the fine particles and a small amount of coarse particles are brought to the upper air classifier (selector), and after classification, the coarse particles will fall to After grinding in the grinding area, the fine-grained grade will move upward as the qualified product with the wind flow, and will be discharged into the cyclone dust collector. The airflow will be separated here, and after being purified, it will be returned to the returning bellows by the blower, and then continue to be used. The entire system works under negative pressure. Excess air volume is removed by another cyclone dust collector and discharged into the atmosphere.
Model meaning description 483216: 4 - number of rollers, R - Raymond mill, 32 - roller diameter (dm), 16 - roller height (dm).
At present, China produces 3, 4 and 5 roll disc mills, while 4 rolls are most commonly used. There are several manufacturers in China that produce such disc grinding machines, among which Guilin Metallurgical Machinery is mainly used. The technical performance of the 483216 type suspension roller disc mill produced by the factory is shown in Table 1. The external dimensions and auxiliary equipment are shown in Fig. 2, and the transmission is shown in Fig. 3. The machine has the characteristics of reliable structure, convenient operation and excellent performance. The particle size of the finished product can be adjusted within the range of 0.125~0.044mm according to different requirements. The mill is suitable for grinding clay, china clay, clay, bentonite , rhombohedral, fluorite , calcite , talc , feldspar , barite , gypsum and other materials, as well as various hardnesses below Mohs 7 Explosive materials.
The milling machine produced by Guilin Mining Machinery Plant (hereinafter referred to as Guilin Mining Machinery) is actually a suspension roller disc grinding machine (Raymond Mill). The mill mainly includes the main machine, reducer, classifier, blower, hoist, crusher , electric vibrating feeder, electric control cabinet and piping system. The whole machine is compact in structure and convenient for installation and maintenance. The main wearing parts roller, grinding ring and the like are high manganese steel castings, the main working parts roller device using the latest seal structure, with a tight seal, low noise, low vibration, and low fuel consumption characteristics. The 4R3216A mill is integrated with the main body of the mainframe and is located above the cover. Since the main unit is installed on the ground plane, the foundation is simple and easy to install. The main drive of the 4R3216A mill is driven by a belt drive and has no rubber block coupling. It is easy to install, easy to maintain, and reduces the vibration of the main engine.
This series of mills is suitable for processing various non-flammable and explosive minerals and rocks with hardness below 7 and humidity below 60%, such as: barite, calcite, marble, feldspar, lime, limestone , quartz , white clouds. , wollastonite, talc, gypsum, high aluminum, bentonite, zircon sand, manganese, titanium ore, chrome ore and the like.
The technical parameters of the mill are listed in Table 2. This series of mills uses FJW type eddy current super-segmentation machine and FZD classifier (developed by Tsinghua University Powder Engineering Laboratory) and FXG air classifier as classification equipment .
The technical parameters of the R-type pendulum mill (ie Raymond mill) produced by Qingfang are listed in Tables 3 and 4.
The MYG type pressure roller mill produced by Dahua Heavy Machinery is based on the traditional Raymond mill to add a pressurizing device, which uses a low-speed motor and a belt drive to replace the conventional reducer drive. Under the same circumstances, the production capacity is increased by 20%~30%; the pressure is increased by 1000~1500kg, and the transmission is stable and reliable.
The MLY vertical pressure grinder is equipped with a one-week wear ball on the raceway between the upper and lower grinding, and the material is ground by high pressure. The technical parameters of these two models are listed in Table 5.
    figure 1   figure 2   image 3
    Table 1   Tables 2, 3, and 4   table 5

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