509 people with cadmium exceeding the standard Liuyang cadmium pollution factory was permanently closed

"Several people in Liuyang go to the streets to protest against chemical pollution" tracking

Recently, some people in Zhentou Town of Liuyang City protested against the polluted environment of Changsha Xianghe Chemical Plant. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the relevant departments of Liuyang City that the relevant departments of Changsha City have set up a joint working group to station in Liuyang, and the chemical plant causing cadmium pollution has been permanently closed. The related after-care work has been fully launched.

"I have not found any problems in the jurisdiction for three years, and this definitely involves dereliction of duty." A Changsha official who went to Liuyang to deal with the matter yesterday said that the cadmium pollution incident in Xianghe Chemical Plant is a typical environment caused by illegal production of enterprises. The pollution incident has been clearly declared a permanent closure. At the same time, the legal representatives and related personnel of the enterprises that have been brought to justice have been criminally investigated and economically recovered. The persons involved in the environmental protection and other functional departments have been suspended from investigation or criminal detention.

It is understood that while the relevant personnel are being held accountable, the after-care work for this incident has been fully launched.

Relevant parties in Liuyang City said that according to the monitoring results of professional departments and the opinions of experts and experts, the pollution scope of Xianghe Chemical Plant is divided into four areas: 1. The key treatment areas of pollution sources in the Xianghe Chemical Plant area have been closed down; 2 Within 500 meters of the chemical plant, the soil cadmium is obviously over-standard, and the soil is temporarily ploughed; 3. The cadmium is slightly polluted in the area of ​​500-1200 meters around the chemical plant, the field is subject to observation planting, and some vegetables are restricted and planted. edible. 4. The soil around 1200 meters around the chemical plant, the cadmium content is basically controlled within the national soil environmental quality standards, and individual analysis and disposal of individual over-standard points.

As of July 31, 2,888 people had exceeded 509 urinary cadmium levels.

It is also known that in order to ensure that there is no secondary pollution of crops grown on contaminated land, the relevant parties plan to change the contaminated fields to flower cultivation.


Changsha multi-sector joint pollution control

Checking the problem population will crack down on illegal marches

This newspaper: After the protests in Shangtou Town Street, on August 1, Chen Runer, secretary of the Changsha Municipal Party Committee, and the village representatives in the polluted area had a dialogue to resolve the matter as soon as possible.

At present, Changsha has set up a leading group for the disposal of cadmium pollution incidents in the town. Environmental protection, public security, safety supervision and other departments have jointly cleaned up pollution sources, cut off the channels of pollution transmission, and ensured that the scope of pollution is no longer expanded to ensure that secondary pollution does not occur.

Locally launched the first round of physical examination of the unqualified villagers in the urine test, and the physical examination of special population within 1200 meters; hired provincial and municipal experts for medical and health disposal consultants, strengthen the psychological counseling of people who have detected excessive cadmium. Do an observational planting guidance within the scope of 500-1200 meters, carry out soil remediation, improvement and treatment planning, and formulate a three-year work plan for the construction of new rural areas in the polluted areas around Xianghe Chemical Plant.

The local official said that it will continue to do a good job of maintaining stability, and regularly hold a press conference to crack down on illegal and illegal activities, illegal marches, illegal traffic jams and other illegal activities.


Relevant departments of Liuyang issued a document analyzing the reasons for the parade

“The masses lack trust in the government”

The newspaper "The pollution incident in Zhentou Town has made the government passive, and the government is not without flaws. Some of the people who can go to the streets are complaining about some unreasonable demands." A local official said yesterday.

The official said that regarding the pollution of Hunan and chemical plants, the government has not been able to dock, but the overall attitude is still positive. For example, government work is not enough to match the demands of the masses. How to define the pollution area, when the cadmium-contaminated land is leveled, repaired, and when the governance work is substantively promoted, there is a problem that the government and the masses do not communicate enough. However, on July 29th and July 30th, some people also went to the streets to have problems with unreasonable demands.

For example, on July 29, a villager’s body was carried to the town government and claimed that the deceased died of cadmium pollution. After investigation, the deceased was called Luo Shuqi, male, 61 years old, and his urinary cadmium and microglobulin were not exceeded.

Yesterday, the relevant departments of Liuyang City issued a document to analyze the causes of mass incidents. According to the document, “After the cadmium pollution incident, the government took decisive measures in terms of medical assistance, compensation for acquisition, and granting temporary living allowances, but why did a large-scale mass incident occur?”

First, psychological pressures continue to accumulate and reach the critical point of venting. Cadmium pollution has caused a large impact on the health of some people, and crops have suffered losses. Coupled with the shadow of a very few deaths, the villagers are worried that health is seriously impaired, and psychological pressures continue to accumulate. This long-term repression is always looking for venting points.

Second, panic and distrust are spreading. Very few people deliberately exaggerate the harm of cadmium pollution to human body, soil and crops, and form a spread of psychological panic; thus doubting and contradicting expert advice and lacking trust in government work.

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