Characteristics, application and economic benefits of picking operations (3)

B X-ray method for sorting beryl The former Soviet Union used PЛC X-ray sorting machine to sort out beryl- fluorite . Good results were obtained. The indicators are shown in Table 10.

(F) Application of radio waves (conductance - Magnetic) method of picking the picking a primary diamond Kimberlite ore A, which is enriched in kimberlite diamond. In addition to diamond-containing kimberlite, but also contain a lot of magnetic minerals, such as magnetic iron ore, limonite, hematite, pyrite, and a yellow perovskite copper ore. The surrounding rock is serpentine petrochemical fragmentation and gneiss . Using the difference in magnetic properties between kimberlite and surrounding rock, the sorting was successfully carried out with a GFJ-3 sorting machine. The indicators are shown in Table 11. [next]


B. Selection of Natural Copper and Copper Sulfide The two conglomerate copper mines in Centennial and Kingston in the United States contain natural copper. Natural copper and surrounding rock differ greatly in electrical conductivity. According to this feature, they used their own natural copper sorting machine for sorting and obtained good results. In addition, the copper minerals of the Butte copper mine are porphyrite, yellow ore, chalcopyrite and a small amount of copper blue. These copper minerals also have greater electrical conductivity than surrounding rock, and are also sorted on this sorting machine. Good results have been achieved. The sorting indicators are shown in Table 12 and Table 13.


For the selection of ores containing copper and zinc , the conductance-magnetic method can effectively separate ore or natural metals containing sulfides and oxides. Among the ore of the Hindustan Copper Company in India, the main metal minerals are chalcopyrite, pyrite, pyrrhotite and magnetite. These metal minerals are quite different from gangue ( quartz ) in terms of conductance-magnetic properties. They are sorted by M19 type conductivity-magnetic sorting machine and have obtained good indexes. They have been officially put into production. The sorting results are shown in Table 14. .

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