Relationship between separation particle size and parameters such as fine sieve mesh (1)

Relationship between A separation particle size and mesh size
The relationship between the separation size and the size of the mesh when using a fine sieve in several typical iron ore plants at home and abroad.
The separation size and the size of the mesh are related to the size of the ore, the amount of treatment, the flow rate, the sharpness of the edge of the sieve, etc. Generally, the following formula can be listed:

Where d———separation of particle size;
S———the size of the mesh hole;
V———the slurry flow rate;
D———the size of the ore;
Q—the amount of minerals given;
K—the sharpness of the edge of the sieve;
ƒ———The specific coefficient of the function.
According to practical experience, the separation particle size is generally 1/2% of the mesh size, and is multiplied by a coefficient, ie

Where d———separation particle size, mm;
S———screen size, mm;
K———coefficient (0.75~1.25).[next]
Here, the two sieve holes (11.4μm and 89μm), the treatment volume and the silica content of the Yili plant in December 1968 and March 1969 should be described. See Figure 1 and Figure 2.

As can be seen from Figure 1, the relationship between the size of the undersize product and the mill processing capacity and the final concentrate content when using a 114 μm mesh. The curves show that the throughput of the mill and the silica content in the concentrate decrease with decreasing particle size of the undersize product until the -325 mesh fraction level in the concentrate reaches 87%. It can be seen from the figure that although the amount of treatment continues to decrease with the increase of the content of -325 mesh in the concentrate, the silicon content in the concentrate has not been improved.
In order to eliminate this phenomenon, the test was carried out in a fine sieve of 89 μm mesh in March 1969. It can be seen from Fig. 2 that as the -325 mesh size increases, up to 89%, the silica content in the concentrate decreases linearly.

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