What are the main points of safe driving in summer?

Summer temperatures are relatively high and often rain, causing traffic accidents. Therefore, it is necessary for us to know some points about safe driving in summer. Today Xiaobian has summarized the safety knowledge in six-point driving. I believe that everyone will have a more comprehensive understanding of this knowledge through reading.


First: keep a good mood

Due to the relatively high temperature in summer, people often bring negative emotions. These negative circumstances may further cause people who drive to not concentrate on driving. In serious cases, they may cause serious traffic accidents. Therefore, you must maintain a good mood when driving in the summer.

Second: pay attention to the brake

Generally hot weather, the outside temperature will be high, making the asphalt road soft, often making the wheels stick to the ground. When we are preparing to brake during driving, the braking performance of the car will be reduced, causing an accident. Therefore, special attention is required when braking when driving in the summer.

Third: The speed should be reduced at night

Normally in the summer, the number of people who come out in the evening will increase, and there will often be people in groups on the road. Therefore, we need to slow down, turn on the light at the same time, and watch the flow of people on the road at any time. If necessary, we will open a horn to remind passers-by.

Fourth: Try to bypass crops

In the summer, many people will put their own crops on the road, so if we pass through the road, we must slow down, do not brake regularly, it is best to bypass these crops at a constant speed, and remember to turn on the light. After bypassing, the wheels and chassis of the vehicle should be inspected promptly. If crops are found, they should be promptly cleaned.

Fifth: It is forbidden to place flammable and explosive materials in the vehicle.

We must not put lighters or carbonated drinks in the car because summer temperatures are high. If a car is exposed to the sun for a long time, it may cause the car to ignite spontaneously.

Sixth: Slowdown in thunderstorms

There will be frequent thunderstorms in the summer, so if you experience such weather, you must remember to slow down and start the wipers.

These are the key points of the six-point summer safe driving that Xiao Bian summarized for everyone. Every point is very important and worth every driver. If you are surrounded by people who often drive in summer, share these points with them.

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