"China Light King" in front of the door to fight for new energy! 74-year-old Zhong Xincai, what will light up this time

The personal card that Zhong Xincai is now handing out is still printed with the words Foshan Lighting, but the title column says, Freeman. At this time, he has been officially retired from Foshan Lighting for nearly five years. No one expected that Zhong Xin would fight the business again after a few years of retreat. The reporter was informed that at the beginning of last year, Zhong Xincai officially became the chairman of the new material company of Keda Jieneng. This is probably because Zhong Xincai used another way to renew the new energy dream. As the first generation of Foshan, the same age as He Xiangjian, Zhong Xincai used 49 years to grow a nearly closed bulb factory into a cash cow in the capital market to create Foshan Lighting with the reputation of the Chinese lamp king. However, after the management buyout failed, related transactions and other storms, he made his last resignation as chairman in May 2013. In the same year, his most important new energy business in the later period of Foshan Lighting's administration was gradually stripped. Among the acquirers of these businesses, one of them is Kodak. Around the lithium battery materials, in the next three years, Kodak's new energy revenue target is 3 billion. Zhong Xincai said. This means that the head of the Chinese lamp king will join forces with the Chinese ceramic machine king Keda Jieeng and fight the new energy market. After retiring for 4 years, he became the chairman of Keda Jieeneng Subsidiary. With glasses, the 74-year-old Zhong Xincai still looks very full of energy. When I was a factory director for more than 40 years, I had to walk in the workshop for four hours every day to have such a good body. Zhong Xincai laughed. At this time, it has been more than four years since Zhongxin was officially retired from Foshan Lighting. Foshan Lighting is a topic that Zhong Xincai can't get around. Just like Zhong Xin is the person who has to mention when he mentions Foshan lighting. In 1964, Zhong Xincai from Jiangsu was assigned to Foshan Light Bulb Factory. At that time, this factory producing Foshan brand bulbs was nearly closed due to poor quality of products. After more than ten years of hard support, it was just in the early days of reform and opening up, that is, in 1979, I officially took over as director. Zhong Xincai recalled. Therefore, the first generation of entrepreneurs of Foshan, who is the same age as He Xiangjian, began a drastic reform. The first employee free commission, quota split, bold selection of young middle-level cadres, etc., greatly released the enthusiasm of employees and achieved the title of the 1990s. Foshan listed company in the capital market combines one of the two beauty and one photo, Foshan Lighting. The lighted Foshan lighting in the era of traditional lighting, all the way to triumphantly won the title of Chinese lamp king. At the same time, Foshan Lighting has maintained a large proportion of dividends for 14 years. The cash dividend payout rate is as high as 124%. In the last ten years, it still insists on cash dividends. This makes the company known as cash cows all the year round. Zhong Xincai is also known as the listing. The company's most conscientious chairman. The mutual accomplishment between Zhong Xincai and Foshan Lighting has become a story of the capital market. But the turning point appeared in 2002. His clock letter led the executives to carry out a management buyout of Foshan Lighting, but ultimately lost. Two years later, Osram and Hong Kong Youchang entered the company. Zhong Xincai’s control over the company has been ups and downs. He twice resigned as general manager and twice as chairman of the board of directors. He took office twice. After the turmoil of the related party transactions that had been raging for a year, Zhong Xincai finally chose to retire. After being announced to resign in May 2013, as the helm of the Chinese lamp king, Zhong Xincai seems to have completely disappeared into the public's field of vision for a long time. Retired for four years. The fate of people is very wonderful. He helped me 25 years ago. After 25 years, I was destined to give back to Kodak. When Zhong Xincai talked about the reasons for the return, he mentioned a small story with the side of Keda Jie Neng, the chairman of Keda. At the time of preparation for the listing of Foshan Lighting in the early years, the sidewalk that was still working at the Foshan Municipal Economic Commission was the government personnel stationed in Foshan Lighting to assist in its listing. In 2015, Keda Jieeng officially launched a business layout for lithium battery anode materials and carbon materials. The following year, Keda Jieeng showed great interest in the lithium battery project that Zhong Xincai had been involved in during the Foshan lighting period. After that, he successively launched the acquisition and acquired the 100% equity of Qinghai Fozhao held by Foshan Lighting twice. . One after the other, Zhong Xin, who has been unable to live, decided to come back. At the beginning of last year, Zhong Xincai officially became the subsidiary of Keda Jieneng, the chairman of Anhui Keda Jieneng New Materials Co., Ltd. New energy complex Foshan's earliest influx of people In the case of Zhong Xincai himself, this is also the new energy complex. In recent years, the new energy field has become the scent of capital chasing. Among the group of followers, there are many listed companies in Foshan, including Foshan, Xuelaite, and Delian Group. On January 18th, Country Garden, one of the two major billion-dollar enterprises in Foshan, officially started construction of its Shunde New Energy Automobile Town, which means that another Foshan leading company announced its entry. And Zhong Xincai is definitely the first batch of invaders in Foshan. As early as 2009, I purchased a patent. Zhong Xincai recalled that he had been thinking about how to increase the added value of products. He had learned a technology that can extract lithium carbonate from Qinghai salt lake brine and produce batteries and electric vehicles. . At that time, the domestic policy of not yet blowing up new energy was not really in the country, but Zhong Xin was convinced that such technology was indispensable. As a result, the new energy has become one of the main directions of the development of Zhong Xincai in the late stage of Foshan Lighting. In 2009, Foshan Lighting and Huaou Consulting and other companies jointly established Foshan Lithium Energy to cut into the new energy field. Foshan Lighting had a capital of 29.23 million yuan and held 38% of the shares. Just three months later, in March 2010, Foshan Lighting once again acquired a 20% stake in Hefei Guoxuan Hi-Tech for 160 million yuan to accelerate the deployment of new energy. In the next two years, Foshan Lighting continued to expand its front line in the new energy field. Shortly after the acquisition of Hefei Guoxuan, Foshan Lighting and Hefei Lixin Energy Materials Co., Ltd. jointly established Qinghai Foshao Lithium Electrode Materials Co., Ltd. (referred to as Buddha Lithium Battery), Foshan Lighting invested RMB 25.5 million, accounting for the total share capital. 51%. Since then, the company has jointly established with Guangdong Hefei Guoxuan to establish Guangdong Fo Zhao Guo Xuan Power Supply Co., Ltd. (referred to as Buddha Zhao Guoxuan), each with an investment of 25 million yuan. At this point, Foshan Lighting's layout in the new energy field fully covers the entire industrial chain of lithium battery material cathode material lithium battery electric vehicle powertrain. This former Chinese lamp king turned into a new energy concept stock with a whole industry chain at that time. . The share price of Foshan Lighting was increased from 8 yuan to 9 yuan in September 2009, and it rose to 21.55 yuan in November 2010. Even after Zhongxin’s departure, Foshan Lighting gradually divested its new energy business, but the business still brought rich returns to Foshan Lighting. From November to December 2016, Foshan Lighting reduced the holding of Guoxuan High-tech stock by 29.27 million shares through a block trade, and calculated a total of about 937 million yuan based on the stock price of 32 yuan. On March 30 last year, Foshan Lighting announced that the company intends to continue to reduce all shares of Guoxuan Hi-Tech held by the company through block trading or centralized bidding. According to the company's 2016 audited financial report, the book value is approximately 1.355 billion yuan. In addition, the company will sell 100% of Qinghai Foshao Li as a price of 663 million yuan, and Foshan Lighting's new energy business will reach 2.955 billion yuan. Sword refers to the goal of 3 billion lithium battery materials. Interestingly, when Foshan Lighting continues to divest new energy business, the acquisition of some projects is Kodak. On January 5 last year, Keda Jieneng announced that the company's board of directors had approved the Qinghai Foshan Lithium Energy Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Qinghai Fossil Lithium) held by Foshan Lighting for a total price of approximately 474 million yuan. ) 62% equity. On June 27 of the same year, Keda Jieneng announced again that it would accept a 38% stake in Qinghai Fozhao Li, held by Foshan Lighting, for 189 million yuan. After the completion of the equity transfer, Keda Jieneng will hold a 100% stake in Qinghai Fozhao Lithium. In the midst of it, Zhong Xincai seems to have just changed a place to renew his dream of new energy. Now Kodak's tight lithium battery material direction is in line with the general trend of development. Zhong Xincai said that Keda Jie can use upstream raw materials as an important force. As early as 2015, after Keda Jieeng established Anhui Keda Jieneng New Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Keda New Materials Co., Ltd.), the key to the development of lithium batteries is to play a key role in the performance and safety of lithium batteries. The role of anode material technology. The data shows that the company's business covers projects such as artificial graphite anode materials. In the same year, Keda New Materials Co., Ltd. acquired and remodeled Zhangzhou Juming Graphite Co., Ltd., and continued to expand the layout of lithium battery materials through capital operation. First, in October 2016, Keda New Materials Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Platinum Energy Technology Co., Ltd. established a joint venture to develop R&D of anode materials and carbon materials for lithium-ion batteries. Last year, Keda Jie was repeatedly transferred to Qinghai Foshao Li and Qinghai Power, and indirectly held 43.58% shares of Qinghai Salt Lake Fosuke Lanke Lithium Industry Co., Ltd. (referred to as Lanke Lithium Industry) to enter the lithium carbonate business. Today, the new energy business is becoming a new impetus for Keda's performance growth. At the beginning of this month, Keda Jie can issue a pre-announcement of performance. It is estimated that the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in 2017 will increase by 151.6447 million yuan to 2,213,026 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 50%-70%. According to preliminary calculations, the main reason for the company's performance pre-increased is to confirm the investment income of Lanke Lithium Industry of 142,560,600 yuan, so the contribution to the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company is 11,850,160 yuan, contributing nearly 40% to the annual performance growth. We hope that within three years, the sales of new energy business will reach 3 billion yuan. Zhong Xincai said.

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