In Chongqing, to buy an excavator, what models are recommended?

In 2017, the cumulative sales volume of excavators in Chongqing was close to 4,200, ranking the 15th in the domestic provinces. As a municipality, this performance is considered very good. So in Chongqing, which excavators are selling well? If you want to start an excavator, what models are worth recommending? Let's take a look at the most common choices in the local market in 2017.

In terms of sales volume, Sany, XCMG, Caterpillar, Doosan, Hyundai and Komatsu are popular brands in the area. In 2017, Sany sold 980 sets of excavators in Chongqing, accounting for 24% of sales; XCMG sold 560 units, Caterpillar sold 390 units, Doosan sold more than 330 units, and Hyundai sold about 310 units. Komatsu sold approximately 280 units.

From the tonnage point of view, 13<a≤19.5 is the tonnage with the most sales in Chongqing, with more than 1,030 units accounting for about 25% of the total sales; followed by a 6<a≤13 ton range with sales of more than 860 units, accounting for 21%; Once again, it was 19.5<a≤24.9 tons, and the sales volume was 790 units, accounting for 19%. In most of the provinces in China, the 5 a a 6 6 ton range is very popular, with sales in Chongqing only about 560 units, accounting for 13%.

Let's look at the best-selling models. In 2017, there were 6 models in Chongqing that sold more than 100 units throughout the year, including Xugong XE135D and 203 units; Trinity SY75C-10 and 189 units; Trinity SY55C-10 and 117 units; One SY215C-9 , 115 units; Trinity SY60C , 113 units; Doosan DX150LC-9C , 111 units. Other models with sales of nearly 100 units include the Caterpillar 313D2G C, XCMG XE75D and XCMG XE150D .

In addition, excavator users in Chongqing are still more concerned about the following models on the Internet (Tiejin Mall): Xinyuan XY90 , Caterpillar M320D2 , Doosan DX150LC-9C , Kobelco SK200-8 , Caterpillar 307E and so on.

Well, the above is the choice of users in Chongqing in 2017 when they purchased an excavator. The question now is, did you buy an excavator in 2017? Or are you ready to shoot in 2018? Welcome to share your choice!

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