Temperature and humidity recorder industry market value

Temperature and humidity recorders have not been known in the past ten years. However, with the development of science and technology in all walks of life, temperature and humidity recorders have begun to enter the public's view. Perhaps in the future, the temperature and humidity recorders will look like Thermometers are as common, but for now, the market value of temperature and humidity recorders in the fields of food, medicine, and agriculture is very large.
For example, in agriculture, the requirement of precision agriculture is to realize real-time monitoring and analysis of the agricultural environment. Therefore, temperature and humidity are important factors that affect crop growth. Of course, temperature and humidity recorders need to be used for data acquisition and storage. With the advancement of science and technology, the temperature and humidity recorders have also evolved from the past stand-alone recorders and paperless recorders to the current wireless temperature and humidity recorders, SMS temperature and humidity recorders, and temperature and humidity monitoring systems, which are intelligent and convenient. The degree of development is getting higher and higher, which further promotes the application and promotion of temperature and humidity recorders in the agricultural field.
At present, the development of agriculture is widely concerned by people from all walks of life and society. Therefore, agriculture will be an industry that will attract much attention in the future. With the advancement of agricultural modernization, temperature and humidity recorders will gain huge market value in the agricultural sector. Therefore, at present, the industry competition for temperature and humidity recorders is fierce, but with the continuous improvement of monitoring requirements for agricultural environment, the research and development of temperature and humidity recorders with higher technological content is not a simple matter for general enterprises. The matter is that companies need to focus more on industry development and technological innovation. Therefore, although the market value of temperature and humidity recorders is very large, we believe that with the development of the industry and the passage of time, only a few companies with R&D capabilities can Stand out from the competition.
The market value of temperature and humidity recorders in the agricultural field is already very large, and there are many industries that actually use temperature and humidity recorders, including food and drug safety, research and production, chemical medicine, HVAC, refrigerated storage and transportation. , meteorology, hydrology, papermaking, environmental protection, archives, laboratories, museums, electricity, tobacco, etc. It can be seen that the market capacity of temperature and humidity recorders is very large and the market value of the industry is inestimable.

Engineering Plastics (80-160℃)

The definition and classification of engineering plastics is a specific name.Engineering plastics broadly refers to plastic which has high performance and may replace metal materials.The narrow sense refers to the strength and heat resistance of plastic (PE, PP, PVC, ABS, etc.), which can be used as a structural material for industrial use and has the functional structure of high performance plastic

Plastic can be divided into two main categories: thermoplastic (after heating and melting) and thermosetting (after heating and turning into a three-dimensional structure).Engineering plastics can also be divided into special engineering plastics and standardengineering plastics.

The so-called engineering plastics plastics often refer to thermoplastic polyamide (PA plastics).Polyoxymethylene (POM plastics), polycarbonate (PC plastics) and so on , and special engineering plastics often refers to other than the above five kinds of more excellent performance engineering plastics.According to the using temperature points, generally use temperature at 150 ℃.The following is a standard engineering plastics (generally is 100 ℃--150 ℃), more than 150 ℃ for special engineering plastics, special engineering plastics is divided into 150 --250 ℃ class (including the standardengineering plastic compounds) and above 250 ℃.The higher the temperature, the higher the price.

Characteristics of engineering plastics(compared with metal materials):


(a) small proportion: 1.0 -- 2.0, about one sixth of iron, reducing the weight effect;

(b) good processing and high production efficiency;

(c) water resistance and chemical corrosion;

(d) the friction coefficient

(e) can be colored freely;

(f) easy to compound with Glass Fiber and various filler;

(g) excellent electrical insulation;

(h) excellent heat insulation, with thermal conductivity of about 1% of iron and less than two thousandths of copper;

(I) reduce costs, save resources and energy.


(a) low heat resistance and low softening point;

(b) the mechanical strength is low and the tensile strength is generally about one-tenth of the steel;

(c) the dimension stability is poor and the linear expansion coefficient is about five times that of steel;

(d) poor durability. Prolonged exposure to gravity is susceptible to fatigue, and prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation is associated with lower performance.

3. Application of engineering plastics

(a)One is the functional components of strength, drug resistance, abrasion resistance and other requirements.The other is mechanical parts with shrinkage, dimension accuracy and appearance.Generally speaking: the former is crystalline engineering plastics, the latter is non-crystalline engineering plastics.The practical application often requires the performance of both.Engineering plastics with glass fiber (GF) or carbon fiber (CF) are more suitable for such requirements.

(b). More than half of the applications in engineering plastics are automotive and electronic, while the main use of standard plastics is extrusion molding (51%) and non-industrial products (21%).

4. Production

(a)POM Plastic Sheet/Acetal Plastic Sheet/Delrin Plastic Sheet/Polyoxyemethylene Plastic Sheet

(b).POM Plastic Rod/Acetal Plastic Rod/Delrin Plastic Rod/Polyoxyemethylene Plastic Rod

(c)1.antistatic POM Plastic Sheet/antistatic Acetal Plastic Sheet/antistatic Delrin Plastic Sheet/antistatic Polyoxyemethylene Plastic Sheet

(d).antistatic POM Plastic Rod/antistatic Acetal Plastic Rod/antistatic Delrin Plastic Rod/antistatic Polyoxyemethylene Plastic Rod

(e)Conductive POM Plastic Sheet/Conductive Acetal Plastic Sheet/Conductive Delrin Plastic Sheet/Conductive Polyoxyemethylene Plastic Sheet

(f)Conductive POM Plastic Rod/Conductive Acetal Plastic Rod/Conductive Delrin Plastic Rod/Conductive Polyoxyemethylene Plastic Rod

(g)POM+PTFE Plastic Sheet /POM+teflon Plastic Sheet/Acetal +PTFE Plastic Sheet/Acetal+Teflon Plastic Sheet/Delrin +PTFE Plastic Sheet/Delrin+ Teflon Plastic Sheet

(h)POM+PTFE Plastic Rod/POM+teflon Plastic Rod/Acetal +PTFE Plastic Rod/Delrin +PTFE Plastic Rod/Delrin+ Teflon Plastic Rod

(j)PA Plastic Sheet/Nylon Plastic Sheet/ESD PA Plastic Sheet/ESD Nylon Plastic Sheet/CON PA Plastic Sheet/CON Nylon Plastic Sheet/PA+GF Plastic Sheet/Nylon+Glass Fiber Plastic Sheet/Fireproof PA Plastic Sheet/Fireproof Nylon Plastic Sheet

(k)PA Plastic Rod/Nylon Plastic /Rod/ESD PA Plastic Rod/ESD Nylon Plastic Rod/CON PA Plastic /Rod/CON Nylon Plastic Rod/PA+GF Plastic Rod/Nylon+Glass Fiber Plastic Rod/Fireproof PA Plastic Rod/Fireproof Nylon Plastic Rod

(l)PC Plastic Sheet/ESD PC Plastic Sheet/PC+GF Plastic Sheet/PC+Glass Fiber Plastic Sheet/Fireproof PC Plastic Sheet/PC+ABS Plastic Sheet

(M) PC Plastic Rod

(N)PET Plastic Sheet//Unilate Plastic Sheet/ESD PETPlastic Sheet/ /ESD Unilate Plastic Sheet

(O)UPE Plastic Sheet/UHMW-PE Plastic Sheet/ESD UPE Plastic Sheet/ESD Uhmw- PE Plastic Sheet /Con UPE Plastic Sheet/CON Uhmw-pe Plastic Sheet

(P)ABS Plastic Sheet/ESD ABS Plastic Sheet/.Fireproof ABS Plastic Sheet/ABS+PC Plastic Sheet

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