Application of emergency command vehicle in emergency response

In recent years, various types of disaster accidents and incidents that endanger public safety have caused frequent losses to the state and people’s property, and have continuously tested our ability to respond to emergencies. Although today's communications technologies are increasingly developing, especially the coverage of mobile communication networks and satellite network signals, the use of satellite communications, image transmission, command and dispatch and other high-tech means to establish an emergency communications command system that meets the actual conditions in China. Has been just around the corner. However, it should also be noted that the development of our country's emergency communications command system is still immature, and the use of emergency command vehicles, which are an important part of the system, is not thorough enough. This resulted in a situation in which there was an emergency command vehicle, but it was unable to give full play to the role of emergency command. How to quickly grasp the application of emergency command vehicles in emergency response has become an important part of China's emergency system capacity building. Below we will analyze the role of different types of emergency command vehicles in emergency response from the different use environments, actual needs, and service targets.


One is an off-road emergency command vehicle. After earthquakes, typhoon and other disasters occur, the roads in the disaster areas are often damaged and ordinary vehicles cannot penetrate into the disaster area. At this time, an emergency command vehicle modified by off-road vehicles can be used to quickly reach the disaster site and establish a communication link between the disaster area and the outside world. Road, real-time transmission of on-site conditions, deployment of rescue forces for rear commanders, and development of rescue plans.

The second is the disaster detection and emergency command vehicle. When there is a large amount of communication demand in the disaster-stricken area and a rich variety of information, an emergency communications command vehicle transformed from a special vehicle chassis such as a truck can be used. The equipment has a large load capacity and can provide high-bandwidth, multi-format, and more professional communication services.

The third is a multi-functional communications emergency command vehicle . When it is necessary to build a temporary disaster relief headquarters at the disaster area, you can consider using a multi-functional communication vehicle modified by large and medium-sized passenger vehicles. This kind of vehicle can meet the communication needs of the disaster site, and it can also provide disaster relief personnel on-site with communication command and remote video consultation.

Therefore, the emergency communication vehicle has gradually become the necessary equipment in the emergency rescue process due to its characteristics of rapidity, mobility, flexibility, and adaptability, and it will also play a significant role in the future emergency relief work.

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