Introduction of High Temperature Aging Condition Monitoring System for Power Products

Power product high temperature aging condition monitoring system introduction Overview As a power supply product, especially a switching power supply, as the power density of a product increases, so does the reliability and reliability of the product. The establishment of constant-temperature aging rooms and thermostatic aging tests, which are used as the susceptibility test and initial failure screening, have become the necessary work and process flow for all power supply products.
After a constant temperature aging test, the early aging failures of some components can be eliminated. Products that have passed the constant temperature aging test can ensure that they will not have the possibility of premature aging failure, and thus provide the reliability and reliability of power supply products. A strong guarantee.

two. The reason for the development of the power supply product aging condition monitoring system is that in the initial aging system of the power supply product, only some thermostats or thermostats are generally used. The power supply product is added to the rated load and is continuously operated in the constant temperature chamber for a certain period of time, and then removed. Perform various performance tests. There are several problems with this approach:
1. The power supply product is only passively loaded and tested in a constant temperature room. Generally during the test process, the tester cannot know whether the product being tested is working properly.
2. Can't find out if the power product has intermittent working status;
3. The power supply product cannot be found to be unable to work due to a defect in some components at high temperatures, but when it is cooled to normal temperature, it can work normally.
In view of the above problems, we have developed a real-time monitoring and aging system that can monitor the running status of each product in real-time during the aging process of the power supply product, and then perform data recording and statistics. For defective products and abnormal working products Can make judgments and record the time when the fault occurs, so that product developers, production technicians can analyze the defective products and propose improvement measures.

three. System Introduction The system consists of three parts: detection module, communication module and PC system. Among them, the ATCS02 series products have the detection module and the communication module on the same module. All the modules can be connected to the two ends of the load of the power supply product and connected to the PC communication module through the RS485 interface. This enables measurement data collection and analysis. And can give failure data. During the burn-in test, a load resistor is connected to the output end of the power supply product. When the power supply is working, current flows through the load resistor, and the power supply operates with a certain amount of load. At the output end of the power supply, a detection communication module is connected. In this case, real time Monitor the working condition of the product, and send this data to the PC host through the RS485 communication port for data table creation and real-time monitoring.

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