It's important to clean the tires regularly. Everybody's car teaches you how to maintain the tires the most correct

The car is on the road, and the only part that touches the ground is the tire of the vehicle. The condition of the tire directly affects the driving performance and handling performance of the vehicle. If you encounter a car puncture on your own car, it is indeed an unfortunate thing for the owner. Car tires should also be maintained in normal times. As a vehicle owner, we must understand some of the common sense of tire maintenance, regularly perform maintenance on the tires, and early detection of possible problems, so that we can take preventive measures. Right tire driving habits include all aspects of the former car started, you need a low-speed tires to warm up; a moving way to keep the distance between vehicles to avoid the emergency brake wear on the tires. Today, everyone from the car experts told everyone how to regularly clean the car's tires and care for the car's tires.

Whether or not the tires are intact during driving is crucial for safe travel. Tyres are the only parts of the car that physically contact the ground, affecting the manoeuvrability and braking of the car. So, how can we ensure that the car tires are kept in top condition?

Everyone's car used car conservation experts summarized the five tips for tire maintenance to share with you:

1. Regularly check the tire tread

Everybody car expert reminds the owner to develop the habit of checking the tread of the tire frequently. If it is found that the tire has the following problems, it is necessary to make a fine inspection of the tire or change the tire directly.

A. Cracked tires, the inner wall of the tire is worn badly;

B. Tread uneven wear. If the tire pressure is too low, the deformation on both sides of the tire increases, the ground contact area of ​​the tire is widened, the tire arches inward, the shoulder load increases, and the pressure in the middle portion decreases, forming a “bridge effect” and causing the tread to wear out. Uniform and sawtooth or wave-like abnormal wear.

C. Excessive tread wear. If the depth of the groove remaining in the tread is at or below 1.6 mm (indicating marks indicating the depth in the longitudinal groove of the tire tread), the tire must be replaced because the drainage capacity of the tire has been greatly reduced. Ground friction is reduced and driving can be dangerous.

D. Tyre uplift or bulging. The occurrence of tire bulging phenomenon is mostly due to the strong impact during use, which causes the tire to have a severe squeeze deformation between the impact object and the rim flange, forming a bulge. This situation can easily lead to a puncture hazard.

2. Regularly check the tire pressure

Checking the tire pressure value of the cooled tires at least once a month is already an essential skill for the majority of vehicle owners . A tire that generally exceeds the specified air pressure will significantly reduce the service life of the tire, while a tire below the specified air pressure will cause a brake effect time difference, the steering will be difficult or the steering will be heavy, and the service life of the tire will also be reduced.

Everyone car reminds the majority of vehicle owners that it is best to check the tire pressure value at a high speed, and the pressure value should be increased by 10% to reduce the heat generated by friction with the ground and improve safety. In addition, do not forget to check the tire pressure value of the spare tire. In case of problems with the tires of the car, the spare tire can save you a lot of things.

According to surveys, more than half of road vehicles are in under-inflated tires. There are many causes of tire leakage: Generally speaking, tire leaks occur at the edges of the hub and tire, valves, and tires in the past. These three locations may be caused by poor sealing of the hub and tires, aging of the valve, and re-breaking of the tires in the past. Detecting the corresponding location can identify the problem and maintain it in a timely manner.

In addition, there is another reason that everyone is reminded that it was leaked due to foreign sharp objects piercing the tires. Seasonal temperature changes can also cause tire pressure to fall. No matter what the cause of the tire leakage should pay attention to the tires, because the tire if the long-term tire pressure is not enough to continue to drive, it will be a great damage to the tire, but also will result in increased fuel consumption, increased tire wear, increase the explosion Fetal odds and other adverse effects.

The standard pressure of the car is 2.4-2.8 kg/cm2. Every year in November and May, the tire pressure must be detected. In November, it basically enters into winter. The tire pressure will usually decrease and should be adjusted slightly. The weather began to heat up in May. It is advisable to check if the pressure is normal. Special attention should be paid to the tire pressure as long as the tire pressure is not too high above the standard. If the tire is not short of gas, it is not necessary to adjust every month.

3. Regular wheel position exchange

Due to the presence of camber and toe in the front wheel (or steered wheel), and the fact that the road is diverted from the middle high to low or tilted to one side, steering tires inevitably suffer from uneven wear, which requires the tire to be regular (generally 6000 -8000Km) transposition to ensure uniform tire wear. When inspecting the tires, the vehicle reminds everyone that if there is irregular wear on the tire, it should be adjusted early and the wheel alignment and balance should be checked in time.

Tire wear occurs, and the original balance relationship is destroyed. Static imbalance causes the tire to bounce during the vehicle's running. Dynamic imbalance causes the tire to oscillate during the vehicle's travel. The higher the speed is, the higher the speed is, the higher the vehicle's speed is. The more serious the vibration, the resonance that is formed will also cause the direction to swing. Whether bouncing or oscillating, tire wear will be uneven and abnormal wear will occur. At this time, more tire testing and maintenance are needed.

4. Clean tires regularly

Tire cleaning includes sharp foreign objects inside the pattern and corrosive contaminants on the tire surface. Most car owners may not pay much attention to clearing foreign objects in the pattern. Some metals and hard stones are embedded in them for a long time, which easily leads to the piercing of the tire's wall, causing the tire to leak. Everyone is reminded that tires will inevitably stick to some corrosive contaminants due to contact with the road surface at all times. They should be cleaned with detergents in a timely manner to reduce the risk of tire corrosion.

5. The correct tire usage habits

Everyone old car drivers to teach you the correct tire usage, A. Before the car started, you need a low-speed tires to warm up; a moving way to keep the distance between vehicles to avoid the emergency brake wear on the tires; B. for traffic is more engaged The bad road, as far as possible to slow down the speed, a large bump will also affect the life of the tire; C. must pay attention to the edge of the road when parking unilaterally, to avoid tires and scratches, tire side damage is fatal; D. parking Try to park your car in a cool place and avoid exposure to sunlight. After driving at high speeds for a long time, you should reduce the speed or stop the cooling.

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