5-ton crane tire maintenance

We all know that the tire is the main component of the 5- ton crane. Its skill status directly affects the traction, safety, stability, passability and comfort of the crane. The relevant department inquiries about the tire repair cost accounts for about one-fifth of the normal repair cost of the entire vehicle, analyzes the factors of abnormal wear of the tire and adopts corresponding countermeasures, to avoid abnormal wear of the tire, extend the life span, save costs, and improve its The use of benefits and security work are all of practical significance. Analyze the factors of abnormal wear of tires, and put forward some measures to extend the service life of tires for reference by all users, save costs, protect machines, and obtain very good economic benefits. The abnormal wear caused by various factors during the application of the 5- ton crane tires is a job for the brothers of the vast drivers. Excessively high or low tire pressure may not work properly, four-wheel positioning instability, as well as artificial skills, unskilled brute force operation, tire selection is unreasonable and the damage of external solids, etc., will reduce tire service life. It is logical that such operations can be useful to avoid these wear and tear.

Strictly observe the tire inflation specifications. After inflation, check whether the parts are leaky. Observe the tire pressure of the crane at the same time to ensure compliance with the specifications. Develop a habit of using a barometer to measure the pressure, and do not judge easily with the naked eye. To ensure that the tire has a certain degree of elasticity, when it receives the regular load, it is not deformed beyond the regular scale, ensuring that the crane has outstanding stability and comfort in traveling.


To accurately select and install, and according to tire parameters with the appropriate inner tube. The tires on the same 5- ton crane should guarantee the same structure and the same function. If this cannot be done, the same standard, same marking and type of tire should be installed on the same shaft. When replacing new tires, they should be replaced with the same axis, with directional marking tires should be in accordance with the rules of the rolling direction device ; when using new tires, new tires should be installed on the front wheel, repaired The tires are mounted on the rear wheels. Note that in order to ensure driving safety, the use of innovative tires cannot be used for steering wheels.

In the end, we reminded that we should change the tires regularly. After the vehicle has traveled for a period of time, the front and rear tires will be different in terms of fatigue and wear. Therefore, they should be replaced in time according to the rules. There are two ways to change tires: interpenetration and circulation. The interpolating transposition method is suitable for vehicles that often travel on a more arched road surface, while the cyclic exchange method is suitable for vehicles that often travel on a relatively flat road.

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