5 ton crane several safety protection devices

The 5- ton crane crane is a kind of lifting and handling machinery widely used in workshops, ports, construction sites, electric power, and other places. The 5- ton crane functions mainly in lifting equipment, lifting, rescue, rescue and other occasions, in order to ensure a more accurate 5- ton crane. For safer operations, the 5- ton cranes are generally equipped with safety protection devices to ensure that they will not fail.

First, there is a relief valve in the hydraulic system. The role of this valve is to be able to suppress abnormal high pressure in the circuit to prevent damage to the hydraulic oil pump and the motor, mainly to prevent overload.

Second, the jib luffing safety system, in order to prevent unpredictable faults, when the high pressure hose or tubing in the boom luffing cylinder circuit bursts and cuts off, the balance valve in the circuit will work. Close the working oil from the lower chamber of the cylinder so that the boom will not fall to ensure safety.

Thirdly, after the hook is lifted to a certain height, the limit weight will be touched, the limit switch will be opened, the indicator (over-wound) will light up, and at the same time, the lifting hook will be cut off and other actions will be cut off. The operation ensures safety. At this time, as long as the operating hook is lowered and the boom is retracted or the boom is lifted up, the position weight can be released and the operation can be resumed. However, if there is still a small amount of over-winding operation in a special work environment, the release button on the meter box can be pressed to release the limit directly, but it is necessary to master the master's operation.


4. Sometimes, in emergencies, when the vertical high-pressure fuel pipe leading to the outrigger breaks, there is a two-way hydraulic lock in the hydraulic system. This locks the lock leg to block the pressure oil in the two chambers of the fuel tank. When the outriggers do not contract or flick Out, can maintain a certain degree of security.

5. The general lifting weight indicator is arranged on the side of the basic arm, which allows the operator to observe clearly in the operating room, clearly seeing the elevation angle indicating the boom and the rated lifting weight of the crane corresponding to the common condition. .

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