There are four reasons why you choose to learn your hand when learning a car.

According to incomplete statistics, 93% of people chose manual transmission when they first learned the car, but they can only drive the automatic transmission after they get the driver's license. Since they have all chosen automatic models, why did they suffer from "difficulty" themselves? Xiao Bian summed up four reasons to see if you did it too.

1. Learn manual transmission and automatic transmission

The majority of people think this way, because after learning to get a driver's license after the manual transmission will also buy an automatic car, rarely choose the manual troublesome.

2. Male students feel that learning to automatically lose the shame

Many men think that the automatic car is a car for girls and the elderly. Men must learn to use manual transmission! Are there so many people who think so?

3 learn automatic transmission price expensive

In general, the price of automatic transmission is about one thousand more than that of manual transmission. Due to economic factors, many people will directly exclude it. The coach car's automatic transmission model is really much better than the manual transmission's advanced ones. For example, there is no air-conditioner or no air-conditioning in the manual car with large hot days, and there is an automatic transmission.

4. Learn manual driving experience

Whether it is in the beginning or later, manual transmission does have the driving pleasure that cannot be achieved by automatic transmission. Only for those who learn manual automatization, if you always put the four words of driving pleasure, would you not hit your face?

Xiao Bian summary

The above four reasons are ultimately a kind of inertial thinking. Everyone thinks that learning a car should learn to have a clutch pedal, but it actually ignores its actual needs. If there is anything wrong with this article, please also forgive me. If anything is missing, please also add it.

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