Changsha in-depth promotion of rural lighting project 30,000 energy-saving lamps to illuminate the beautiful

On the afternoon of April 23, the sky was filled with light rain. The history of the team leader of the Mahua Group of Shanghua Village, Baisha Town, Changsha County, with several villagers, was very busy on the village road. There are still two last street lights left, and they are installed early, and the villagers use them earlier. And his wife Zhou Chunzhen was delighted to control the street lamp that was installed before the door at the front of his house. He said happily to the all-media reporter of the stars: It can be very far away! The yard and the road are bright, and the street lamp can Read the newspaper. In recent years, with the deepening of rural lighting projects, Changsha City has installed more than 30,000 energy-saving street lamps in rural areas of the city, with a total investment of nearly 100 million yuan. The director of the Municipal Energy Bureau, Chen Chenguang, told Star TV reporters that the street lamps not only improved the nighttime travel environment of the peasants, but also activated the cultural life of the villagers at night, which embodies the people's hearts shared by the rural areas and adds to the city's strong urban-rural integration. A lot of bright colors. A small street lamp illuminates the villagers' home road. In the past month, 51 street lamps were newly installed in Shanghua Village, Baisha Town, Changsha County, of which 38 are solar street lights and 13 are LED energy-saving lamps. More than 40 meters of streetlights illuminate the winding country lanes. In the past, rural nights were black and light, and it was not safe to go out at night. In the 70s and 80s of the last century, it was necessary to hit the torch at night, or carry a lantern. It was really inconvenient to have a flashlight later. Zhou Chunzhen's development track for rural night travel is like a few treasures. Solar lights do not need electricity from the farmer's home. When the light is sufficient and the electricity reserve is sufficient, even if it rains every day, it can last for half a month. Its maintenance cost is only for motor repair. The person in charge of Hunan Suxiang Solar Technology Co., Ltd., who is in charge of installing street lamps in Shanghua Village, told Xingchen all-media reporter that unlike the traditional 400-watt high-pressure sodium lamp, the LED energy-saving street lamp is only 30 watts, and it is turned on for three hours per night. Calculated by 0.6 yuan, the electricity fee for each lamp is less than 24 yuan a year. According to the season and the weather, you can set the switch light time yourself, which is very convenient. The weather is good now, there are many activities, and the lights are turned on at 7:00 pm, and it is not necessary to turn off the lights until the early hours of the morning. According to the history society, the dirt road in the village was completed as an asphalt road at the end of last year, and now it is equipped with street lamps. Seeing that life is getting better every day, the villagers are beaming. There are fewer traffic accidents at night and it is much safer. The small street lamp activates the night of rural culture nightlife. On the village road of Foling Village, Qikou Town, Liuyang City, the newly installed street lamp is like a little star, illuminating the quiet mountain road and adding vitality to the mountain village. Foling Village is a typical mountain village, with nearly 50 miles from the market town. The remote and mountainous environment caused the village road to be twisted and twisted, and the mountain people dispersed. Zhou Sanxing, secretary of the Party branch of Foling Village, introduced that in order to facilitate the safety of villagers' travel, from 2013, Murakami began to install street lamps and adopted funds such as village leadership, social donations, government incentives, and household participation. A total of more than 300,000 yuan was invested, and more than 130 street lamps were installed. The main roads in the village and the roads on the group were installed. Basically, some people have lights. The village where the street lamps are lit has a richer cultural life. Nowadays, the villages of Shantian and Shiyan in the town have built cultural squares in the villagers' concentration points and installed fitness equipment. At night, everyone is working on streetlights and dancing in square dances. It is very lively. Nowadays, the central residential areas and county-level residential areas and the main roads of 19 villages (communities) in the town of Qikou Town have all covered the streetlights, and the total number of street lamps is more than 2,300. There were no street lights before, everyone was at home, playing mahjong, or watching TV. Now, in addition to fitness and dancing, many villages have outdoor open-air lighting courts. Hu Hantang, secretary of the Party Committee of Qikou Town, told the Stars all-media reporter that nowadays, more and more villagers like to go for a walk at night, listen to the frog songs, smell the earth, and talk about the anecdote. The relationship between the neighbors and the neighbors is quietly harmonious in this careless chat. The rural streetlights not only light up the black lacquered night, but also illuminate the way the villagers go home. It is also a way to improve the taste of the town and town, to illuminate the hearts of the people and to be happy. Small street lamps converge on the countryside and ride the bicycles. They walk through the green mountains and green waters. On both sides are beautiful rural scenery, and the soles of the feet are colored asphalt roads. Such a comfortable time, Kaihui Town in Changsha County is not only exclusive during the day. After 85, Xiaolu was a night-riding enthusiast, and this colorful bicycle greenway owned by Kaihui Township became a favorite of him and his riders. The night ride is both stylish and fitness, with street lights shining, and more comfortable than the night rides in the city. Fu Shuang has been opening a supermarket on the village-level main road in Kaiming Village of Kaihui Town for eight or nine years. Since the installation of street lights in the previous year, there have been more people coming out to play, and her business at night is obviously much better. She likes the group of riders who are whizzing from time to time in front of the store. Their youthful figure and silver bell-like laughter will always make her busy smile. From time to time, Changshuang, who is sitting in Fushuangdian, is a street lamp repairman hired by Kaiming Village. The status of 180-inch LED energy-saving street lamps is all in his grasp. Chang Shuang told the stars all the media reporters that the installation of these lights did not require the villagers to pay, and the electricity bill did not need the burden of the villagers. Everyone cherishes it very much. Caring for street lamps is like caring for the property of their own home. Pay attention to not letting children take stones, not allowing thieves to take advantage of them, not letting animals and vehicles collide and scratch, where the lights are not lit, The villagers called for a time. At the end of the interview, it was late at night, along the beautiful Bancang town along the road, and the large tea fields of Jinxiangyuan Modern Farm, the street lights were still shining and sparkling. The city's 30,000 energy-saving lamps shine into the beautiful countryside, illuminating the country roads and warming the hearts of the villagers. The reporter remembered that childhood memories have drifted through several villages and towns in Changsha, and a street lamp went down the mountain with the lights. The village under the night was particularly clear in the light and very beautiful. Thinking of the night in the country when I was a child, the window was always black, and the memories that scared the children were already scattered with the lights. The streetlights quietly enter the village, and the villagers can enjoy the same treatment as urban residents with almost no burden. The entrance of the street lamps reflects the progress of the times and highlights the actions of the government departments. Small street lamps are actually big people's livelihood. Especially in the current construction of quality Changsha, in today's urban and rural integration development, rural infrastructure construction needs to increase the thrust, speed up and improve quality. I believe that the blueprint for urban and rural quality will be a reality. .

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