Beijing Lighting Center completes Qingming City Lighting Guarantee Work

With the end of the Qingming small holiday, on April 7, the Urban Lighting Management Center successfully completed the urban lighting guarantee during the Ching Ming Festival. In order to provide the public with a comfortable travel lighting environment, the lighting center has carefully organized and carefully arranged the three-day holiday guarantee work for the Ching Ming Festival, and continued the duty mode of the two sessions of the National People's Congress. The monitoring center insisted on implementing the 7*24 hour watch mode, and each emergency repair Team duty, staff and vehicles are on call 24 hours a day. The customer service hotline is kept open 24 hours, ensuring that the city's lighting is guaranteed during the holiday season. According to statistics, from 0:00 on April 4 to 24:00 on April 6, a total of 67 repair telephones and various platform information were received, including 21 emergency repairs. All troubleshooting tasks are completed within the commitment timeframe. In addition, the duty officer always pays attention to the weather changes, and is ready to humanize the switch street lights at any time. On the morning of the 5th, due to the influence of smog weather, the monitoring center humanized delayed the street lights for 10 minutes, effectively protecting the urban lighting, meeting the needs of citizens, and successfully completing the Qingming Festival urban lighting support tasks.

General Breaker Chisels

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Many kinds of steel can be made to hydraulic breaker hammer chisel tool. But different material means different quality. We choose the most competitive but very good material SCM440 as the standard material. This materail is higher strength, good toughness,and it can stand continue impacting.

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Even same steel code from different factories, the steel quality also has big difference. We are always getting the good material from top reputation factory to make sure our hydraulic breaker hammer chisel tool are longer working life.

3.Different heattreatment

Except the raw material, heattratment is another fatal point to a good quality hydraulic breaker hammer chisel tool. We use salt-bath furnace in house with longer time to make use the material is penetration for longer working life.

4.Longer working life with lower failure case

With good material and heattreatment way, it makes our hydraulic breaker hammer chisel too

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