·Beijing Housing Construction Committee: the owner built the charging pile blocked us to coordinate

On February 26th, this newspaper reported that the news that an electric car owner in Beijing Chaoyang District had built a private charging pile in the community was blocked by the property, which aroused the resonance of the new energy owners and also caused the management departments of the Beijing Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Committee. highly valued.
A deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Housing and Construction Committee Property Service Guidance Center surnamed Guo told reporters that in order to promote the installation of new energy passenger car self-use charging facilities in the property management area, in July 2014, Beijing Municipal Construction and Construction Committee, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Science and Technology Commission And jointly issued the "Notice on Promoting the Installation of Self-Use Charging Facilities for New Energy Passenger Cars in the Property Management Area" (Jing Jian Fa [2014] No. 238), clarifying the responsibility of property service companies and the channels for accepting complaints from citizens, etc., to crack the charging network The "last mile" puzzle.
According to the notice, Beijing requires the property service unit to actively support and cooperate with the installation of the new energy passenger car self-use charging facilities, and does not allow the opportunity to charge the owner for any fees. During the installation process, the property needs to complete the following matters: 1. The property shall appoint a special person to cooperate with the new energy passenger car manufacturer and the local power supply company to survey and install the site; 2. The property shall provide relevant drawings or identify the power supply location and burying in the parking area. The direction of the pipeline; 3, the property should cooperate with the installation unit to carry out on-site construction and installation of the charging pile; 4. The property should cooperate with the procedures for changing the electricity consumption.
Director Guo said that for property management companies that do not cooperate with the installation of self-use charging facilities, or during the installation process, if there is an additional charge for the purchaser and the installation unit, the district and county housing and urban construction committee and the housing administration will order the property. The service enterprise shall be corrected, and one point shall be deducted for the property service enterprise and the person in charge of the project in accordance with the “Measures for the Administration of Credit Information of Beijing Property Service Enterprises”. The amount of deduction will affect the integrity and reputation of the property service enterprises, and will affect the property companies to undertake new projects. Not only that, but the property that hinders the installation of the charging facility will be exposed to public exposure.
Director Guo said that the Beijing Municipal Housing and Construction Committee Property Service Guidance Center is a department that specializes in coordinating properties and helping owners build charging piles. After the notice was issued, the Beijing Municipal Construction and Construction Committee has conducted special training and deployment on the property sections (district offices) of 17 districts and counties. 13 special trainings were organized for property companies. A total of 2,658 companies and 3,918 people participated in the training, which achieved full coverage of the property companies.
According to the Beijing Property Management Industry Association, they have established charging and installation coordination mechanisms with related vehicles such as BAIC, Jianghuai and BYD. As of the end of 2014, the city has installed 2339 charging piles in the community. The Municipal Housing Construction Committee has handled 81 charging pile installation complaints, of which 50 have been solved, and the charging piles have been successfully installed. 6 pieces are being coordinated, and the other 25 The pieces do not have installation conditions or are not covered by the property company.
Not only that, Beijing also promoted the connection between car companies and properties, and promoted the construction of charging facilities in 12 property communities in the six districts of Beijing City, which played a good leading role for charging facilities into the community.
Director Guo said that the shortage of parking spaces is the biggest obstacle to the construction of private charging piles in the community. The notice did not explicitly mention whether the tenant has the right to build a charging pile on the parking space of the community. However, in the actual operation of the staff of the Housing Construction Committee, as long as the tenant has a long-term rental space and has obtained the consent of the owner of the building, it can build a charging pile on the long-term rental space.
Regarding the problem of insufficient capacitance reflected by the property, she said that power expansion often involves huge capital costs, which cannot be solved by the property or the owner alone. If the cell capacitance is indeed insufficient, they will coordinate the power sector to solve it.
"If the new energy vehicle owner encounters the problem of the property blocking the construction of the charging pile, it can pass the Municipal Housing and Urban Construction Committee E-mail: complaints against the illegal property service enterprises. The property guidance center will help coordinate the solution." Director Guo said.

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