·Used car C2C dividend period melon seeds trading in a single day

On March 11, the melon sub-car direct sales network announced that it had achieved a single-day transaction volume of over 1,000 vehicles. According to Yang Haoyong, CEO of the second-hand car of melon seeds, the transaction volume of the used car of the melon seeds on March 10 was 1,027, and the transaction amount was 83.72 million yuan.

According to the statistics of China Automobile Dealers Association, the cumulative transaction volume of the used car market in the country in 2015 was 94.171 million. According to media reports, the number of used car dealers in the country is 38,810. In this way, the average annual trading volume of each company is only about 244. Yang Haoyong said that the single-day trading volume of melon seeds is only the beginning. In his previous media interview, he said that the transaction volume of the used car will be 20 billion this year.

The predecessor of the melon seed used car was a good car, which was officially launched at the end of November 2014. In the past 16 months, the melon seeds used to complete the layout of 75 cities across the country, the real-time sales of vehicles increased from zero to 50,000 vehicles, more than 4,000 team members.

Yang Haoyong said, "If you compare the company to the army in the business world, then the strength, the power and the impact are the three most important elements. Only the faster the speed, the mobility of this army will be higher, the impact The strength will be stronger, in order to win more than the speed of the opponent's reaction, the so-called 'and then can not be imperial, fast also.'"

Before the Lunar New Year in 2016, the used car of the melon seeds completed the largest round A financing in the used car field with a valuation of about US$1 billion. Yang Haoyong said, "The confirmed financing amount is 200 million US dollars, and the final total financing amount may reach 250 million US dollars. This is the recognition of the capital market's direct sales model for melon seeds, and also for the efficient melon seeds team. Recognition."

But in essence, the direct selling model is the real reason to support the rapid development of melon seeds used cars. The direct selling mode is the C2C mode, and its mode is characterized by removing the middleman link and giving the profits of the traditional middlemen to the buyers and sellers. The emergence of this model has been widely controversial in the industry, and more people in the industry continue to ask questions. In this regard, Yang Haoyong said: "The single-day trading volume has exceeded 1,000, and to a certain extent, all the doubts have been painted."

The Chinese used car market, which has experienced decades of unseen development, began to receive widespread attention in 2015. The wave of advertisements initiated by companies such as melon seeds and supermarkets has activated consumers' attention to the used car market to the utmost extent. In 2015, the cumulative transaction volume of the used car market in China reached 553.54 billion yuan. According to the forecast of Analysys think tank, the number of used cars in the country will exceed 20 million in 2020, and the transaction amount will exceed 1 trillion yuan. The scale and speed of this trillion market has become a hot spot for many entrepreneurs and capitals.

From the perspective of industry policies, the external environment that supports the rapid expansion of melon seeds is still being optimized. This year's government work report of Premier Li Keqiang highlighted the need to activate the used car market, and more favorable policies will be introduced. All kinds of positives make the used car market very imaginative. The Financial Times believes that "the used car market is a rich mine to be developed in China."

At the same time, China's used car market has lagged far behind developed countries. There is no doubt that the intervention of the Internet will have the opportunity to significantly promote the development of the used car industry in China. In China, whether it is the e-commerce industry or the payment field, because of the promotion of the Internet, the development speed of the industry is unprecedented. Some industries have even crossed the intermediate development stage and directly entered the most advanced mode. The used car industry is also performing this. process.

The rapid development of second-hand car e-commerce is also supporting this phenomenon. In a sense, the second-hand car of melon seeds has passed the direct sales model and achieved a one-day break of 1,000 orders in less than one year. This model has gained a high degree of recognition at the consumer level.

Yang Haoyong said that with the spring breeze of the development of the used car industry, the melon seeds used to expand the business map to 120 cities nationwide by the end of this year, for which the annual promotion budget of 1 billion yuan will remain unchanged. In addition, melon seeds used cars will further improve the testing system and improve service capabilities, strengthen cooperation with professional service providers, build a second-hand car trading eco-chain, and provide users with one-stop trading of used car services.

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