Which aspects to consider when choosing the truck crane?

With the crane lifting and loading in one, the use of convenient and flexible, more and more driver friends began to get involved in the truck crane cargo industry. So how to choose the car crane? To this end, Xiao Bian consulted with the manufacturer of the truck crane to inquire about the information. It is simply for everyone to decide how to choose the truck crane.

The truck crane is mainly composed of the key parts such as the chassis, crane and cargo box. The following Xiaobian will simply talk about these three aspects for you to choose from.

       The truck crane is mainly composed of the key parts such as the chassis, crane and cargo box. The following Xiaobian will simply talk about these three aspects for you to choose from.

● A good crane cannot lift a good crane

       The crane is one of the key parts of the truck crane and it is directly related to the lifting capacity of the truck crane. Therefore, a good truck cannot be lifted without a good crane.

       Telescopic or folding arm

         Telescopic arms and folding arm cranes each have their own advantages, mainly to see their own work environment. The advantages of the telescopic arm are its low price, large working radius, better suitability for open work environments, and simple vertical lifting. For general personal purchases, there are more choices of telescopic arms.

        The advantage of folding arms is that they are highly efficient and can be equipped with auxiliary tools, but they are more expensive. The folding arm truck crane is suitable for warehouses and other factories with small working space, and is suitable for installing various types of auxiliary equipment for special operations. Enterprises, warehouses, docks and other operations choose more folding arms.

       Crane brand choice

       There are many domestic manufacturers of truck mounted cranes. The common ones are Xugong, Shimeiji, Feitao, Shaoqi, Yutong Heavy Industry, and Zoomlion. According to the manufacturer's introduction, the quality of XCMG is currently the best. The XCMG crane that also lifts the quality is more expensive than the stone coal machine by 2000-3000 yuan.

     However, when the user selects the brand of the crane, it is best to ask the local crane users to see their evaluation of the crane, especially after-sales service.

        Crane tonnage selection

       The tonnage of the crane mainly depends on what kind of cargo you are lifting, and the size of the tonnage of the crane is selected on an as-needed basis. It is too wasteful and small and incapable. It should be noted that the best hoisting tonnage of a typical crane is the 70%-90% of the crane's maximum hoisting capacity . When choosing a hoisting crane, try to keep the hoisting weight to a certain degree, which will help extend the life of the crane. .

       When selecting the tonnage of the crane, it must be made clear that the maximum lifting tonnage is the lifting weight when the boom is very short, the boom is extended, and the lifting weight is decreased by a geometric factor. For example, a 10 ton truck crane usually has a lifting weight of 10 tons within a telescopic distance of 3 meters or less , a 5- meter crane weight of 5 tons, and 8 meters to 2.3 tons.

       Crane placement

         The common crane layouts are mainly center-mounted and rear-mounted. These two methods have advantages and disadvantages. Mid-mounted cranes are convenient to choose, and rear-mounted cranes have better stability in the lifting process, but the biggest drawback is that they cannot be loaded with extra long cargo.

       In general, the tonnage of the telescopic boom with the crane is relatively small, and the mid-mounted type is more preferred; the crane with the folded arm has a larger tonnage for lifting, and has a higher requirement for stability, and more options for rear-mounted.

        ● A reliable chassis can ensure the attendance

        Chassis brand

       The reliability of the chassis is related to the attendance of the truck crane, and more concerned about the income in our pocket. Therefore, choosing a reliable chassis is the key to choosing the crane. According to reports, the current domestic truck mounted chassis brands generally use Dongfeng, Jiefang, Futian and others. When choosing a user, it is better to choose a brand with a large amount of local ownership, which is more convenient after sales and maintenance.

       The chassis must match the tonnage of the crane

       The chassis must also be matched with the tonnage of the crane. The trolley is equipped with a large crane. Its stability is not good, it is easy to overturn, and the lifting capacity that the crane should have is not exhibited.

       In general, Dongfeng Dolika this class of light truck is generally equipped with 3.2 tons and 4 tons of cranes, cranes are too large, the stability is not good; 6x2 models, generally with 6-12 tons of cranes; 6x4 models with 6 -16 tons of cranes.

        Can I use my own truck chassis to modify the truck crane?

        Can be modified, but manufacturers do not recommend users to use their own old chassis modification. There are two reasons for this. First, your chassis must have an announcement on the crane attachment. If not, you will not be able to get on. The second is that the truck-mounted chassis is composed of a professional chassis and a truck-mounted crane. The general chassis frame cannot support the vehicle's harness. The tremendous pressure comes.

        ● Truck loaders are generally fenced

        Containers that are carried by trucks are generally fenced, flat plates are also available, but they are rare. Everyone is most concerned about the length of the container. The length of the container is generally based on the announcement of the crane. Generally speaking, 4x2 models are more 5.8 meters, 6.1 meters, 6x2 , 6x4 models are generally 7.5-8.6 meters in the carriage, the maximum length of 8.6 meters.

        ● Postscript:

        The above is a simple explanation of how to choose the lorry crane from three aspects: the crane, the chassis, and the cargo box. After all, the Xiaobian did not open the gantry crane. It may be wrong in some places. Users who have actual purchase experience are welcome. To talk about your views, for other users who have purchased truck crane can have a reference.

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