Thai Travel Guide 2014: Preparing for Travel

Thailand travel preparation

1) Documents: passports and visas, e-tickets (travel itinerary), hotel reservations, photocopy of passports (rental motorcycles, supercurrency exchanges, etc. must use copies of passports);
2) Cash/cards: cash (Thailand and RMB), credit cards, UnionPay cards;
3) Travel Guide: Itinerary Plan, Map, Pen + Notebook (I took a small book with you to use)
4) Mobile phone charger and backup battery, 2-hole power converter (Thailand is 2-hole, if there are 3-hole plugs, use a converter);
5) Toiletries: towels, slippers, shower gel, shampoo/conditioner, facial cleanser, toothpaste, toothbrush (some hotels in Thailand don't provide toothbrush and toothpaste, they must bring their own!); Xiao M adds: It doesn't have to be In the past, you can go to Thailand and go directly to the 7-11 convenience store.
6) Skin Care: Cream, Eye Cream, Mask, Sunscreen (SPF50+), Comb, Mirror, Make-up Cotton, Toilet Water (Thai mosquitoes are still very toxic. Every day you need to spray, this time I brought the most Easy to use six gods ^^, basically not how to be bitten by mosquitoes);
7) Daily necessities: wipes, paper towels, sunglasses, umbrellas, disposable raincoats (Thailand has a lot of weather, it is recommended to take it with you in your bag, lighter than an umbrella);
8) Clothing, shoes and hats: 3-4 sets of summer clothes, long-sleeved trousers (air-conditioning on airplanes and airports), underwear, socks, and bikinis (no one on the beach really wears one-piece dresses, everyone Bikini, don't be shy to worry about bad stature - the Chinese people's slim posture is still better than the ghosts), beach shoes, light outdoor shoes (Thai temples require taking off their shoes; for the convenience of walking, it is recommended to bring pairs of shoes);

9) List of medicines: Cape Balm, Bundi (unfortunately, this time), anti-inflammatory drugs (cephalosporins), cold medicine, diarrhea, allergies It is recommended to bring on Capecitran (tropical fruits and foods are prone to cause allergies) , seasickness medicine (to prevent seasickness).

Pre-departure plan:

It is best to exchange Thai baht before going out in the country. It is not feasible to find a purple cash machine (SiamCommercialBank) after Thailand. The fee is 50 baht per unit + 15 yuan (not every bank, this is Bank of China) , ATM withdrawals are in accordance with the listing price to exchange for less back to the road, leaving Bangkok to the last stop, Tom Yum Keng many TX can not eat, see Thailand in the kind of food leaves to avoid it on the phone Internet + GoogleMaps Too useful thiophene ~ to determine some of the key attractions, the middle of the way with traffic and catering can be

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