Aksu Power Company invented the isolation switch gadget

"Do not look at this gadget modest, but when we are moving disassembly switch static and dynamic contact not only used up and convenient, but also give us a lot of time to save it!" Recently, the State Grid Aksu power supply company in Xinjiang maintenance department ( Overhaul company) Power Transmission Workers Li Denfeng said.

In the transmission network of the maintenance and repair department (maintenance company) of State Grid Aksu Power Supply Company in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the rolling contact finger spring special tools designed and manufactured by the maintenance team are highly appraised and promoted by everyone due to their convenience and high efficiency.

In the isolation switch overhaul, the most troublesome and time consuming to the number of disassembly switch static and dynamic contact. In the daily maintenance process, due to the use of spring and moving contacts on the spring is very small, staff in the disassembly and assembly of static and dynamic contacts, only with a screwdriver or hand holding the small spring work, a little careless will make the spring The small shim "fly" out.

In view of this situation, the staff of a transmission maintenance work area actively carry out technical research, through continuous construction practices, brainstorming in their daily work, the use of scrap small parts as raw materials, after grinding, in accordance with the spring size and assembly principle , Created a rolling contact finger pressure spring special tools. After calculation, with this rolling contact finger spring special tools, each time the isolation switch maintenance can save nearly an hour, greatly improving the efficiency of maintenance.

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