Yangzi Petrochemical produces new film special materials

Recently, a set of polyethylene equipment used in Yangzi Petrochemical Plastics Factory successfully used domestically produced catalysts to successfully produce a thin film special material 7700F. The successful production of this product not only enriched the company's high-density polyethylene products, satisfies the market demand, but also explored cost savings. New breakthroughs have been made in the production of special materials for difficult grades, improvement of scientific and technological content, and market competitiveness.

Since the beginning of this year, the plastics plant has seized the opportunity for the market for thin film special materials, combined with the characteristics of the device, while continuing to maintain the 7000F's stable production and high output, while meeting the needs of the domestic market, it has independently developed a thin film material 7700F with better performance to improve its products. The ability to compete with internationally renowned companies further enhances the technological content of the company's plastic products, allowing the company to continue to maintain its advantages in the production of specialty films. The R&D group of special materials for plastic plants has formulated a detailed trial production plan, and has formulated corresponding countermeasures for the difficulties that are likely to arise in the production process. During the industrialization period, the positive devices promote the use of new and efficient domestically produced catalysts BCE. The plastics plant cooperates with the Beihua Institute and meets every day in the afternoon to summarize the production conditions of the day, solve the problems in time, and continuously optimize the production modes and solutions. , To make the device run stably, and the product quality has reached the desired goal.

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