Two innovative products of Pipeline Company were successfully developed

The two research products “Pipeline Welding Anti-corrosion Filling Tank” and “Second Generation Pipe Welding Magnetic Second-Piece Grounder” independently researched and developed by Pipeline Company's New Technology Promotion Center have been successfully applied and have been applied to the construction line.
Pipe welding anti-corrosion filling and squeezing tanks are mainly used for anti-corrosion filling of pipelines. The product is equipped with a walking wheel and is made into a saddle shape. It is installed on the pipeline and can be carried along the pipeline in the direction of the pipeline. This is compared with the previous model of anti-corrosion filling of the human helium tank. Labor intensity increases work efficiency.

The second generation of pipe welding magnetic two-wire iron is different from the traditional steel bar. There are two innovations: one is to ensure that the iron does not fall off, and the permanent magnet is used to firmly hold the grounder on the pipe wall; The second is to ensure the quality of the welding, the magnetic force is transmitted to the arc-shaped contact of the grounder through the insulating platen and the Spring , so that the arc-shaped contact and the nozzle weld are in close contact, so that the fire does not occur during the welding. The grounding device adjusts the "open" and "on" positions of the grounder through the knob to control the "magnetic" and "demagnetization" of the grounding device, which can conveniently move the grounder along the nozzle weld to ensure the continuity of the nozzle. Welding improves the level of professionalism.

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