Valve industry experienced technical bottlenecks Technological innovation is the key

From the last century, "the ten valve nine leaks" to the current export of many products abroad, China's valve industry has made great strides. However, from China General Machinery Industry Association Valve Branch data show that China's annual valve market turnover of up to 50 billion yuan, of which more than 100 billion yuan market is occupied by foreign valve companies, to change this situation, through innovative technologies to improve Valve quality is the key. Valve technology is thrown abroad 10 years valve occupies a large proportion of machinery products, according to industrial statistics in foreign countries, the valve output value is the sum of the compressor, fan and pump, accounting for about 5% of the entire machinery industry output value, . At the same time, as an important part of major technical equipment, especially in electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy and urban water supply and drainage systems, valves play a key role and are extremely heavy. At present, there are about 6,000 valve enterprises in our country, of which 900 have an annual output value of more than 5 million yuan. When talking about the current status of China's valve industry, Beijing Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute of Professor Wang Guangjie, senior engineer Zhang Yanhui that although China engaged in valve production business a lot, but mostly small and medium enterprises. A small number of small businesses neither drawings nor technology, but no technical staff, the product does not meet the national standards, and even the production of fake and shoddy products, seriously disrupted the valve market, but also a waste of valuable resources. Many large state-owned enterprises are faced with the problems of heavy burden, financial difficulties and outdated technology. They have also had no power to carry out technological transformation and investment in new projects. Valve technology and the international advanced level of about 10 years difference, such as some high temperature and pressure and corrosion-resistant products can not be produced, the offshore oil exploitation of the valve requires 10 to 15 years without leakage, we basically can not meet this requirement. Long-distance pipelines are also using the main line of foreign products, domestic products can only be used in the feeder. It is understood that there are 2 professional institutes in our country, 12 factory-run institutes, about 6,000 scientific researchers engaged in valve research and product development, a ministerial-level testing center and two sub-centers, and can carry out safety valves and steam traps And general valve performance test, but the lack of high-performance parameters, high temperature parameters of the dynamic simulation test methods and test equipment. Valve industry less scientific research institutions, scientific research population less than 10% of the number of workers, research and development capabilities are weak, the basic stay in the experience of the design methods. In other words, we can still make some digestion and absorption work with reference to some foreign structures and prototypes, and there are few real product development efforts. From the current situation of the valve industry in foreign countries, the relevant information shows that for decades, with the development of large-scale complete sets of equipment technology, a series of new complete sets of equipment and prototypes have appeared in foreign countries. The accompanying valves also show large- High parameterization, automation and complete set. And new varieties are still increasing. Such as emergency shut-off valve, quick closing valve, fire damper and water-cooled valve. The basic parameters of the valve has greatly improved, such as the maximum gate valve to reach 4200mm, temperature 1050 ℃, pressure of 105MPa. Ball valve 3050mm, temperature 1200 ℃, pressure 70MPa. And foreign valve products, varieties, good performance, reliable sealing, longer life expectancy. Such as the ball valve can reach more than 100,000 times without leakage. Cast iron gate valve switch 30,000 times, action reliable, switch quickly. In recent years, the rapid development of foreign valve research institutes, only the United States there are nearly 30 research institutes, generally owned by the company. Rockwell, for example, has a well-established research and test facility that tests the performance of products in many aspects, such as thermal, dynamic, wear, earthquake, fire and reliability. Finite element method and computer aided design are widely used, so that the structural design of the valve tends to be more reasonable. In contrast, China's valve industry is relatively backward technology, valve products are mainly concentrated in the low-end market, the high-end product development level is not high. The main difference in the gap: At present, the domestic valve industry is only equivalent to the level of foreign technology in the early 90s. Complete sets of low level, such as the current can only meet the 20 ~ 300,000 kW thermal power plant and 450,000 t / a ethylene plant supporting valve. The 600,000 kW thermal power station valves, 700,000 t / a or even 1 million t / a ethylene plant valves, still need to import large quantities. Industry sources, the world wide variety of valve actuators (electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic linkage or gas - liquid linkage, etc.), complete specifications, safe and reliable. In recent years, it has developed an intelligent drive, in this regard, the country is still blank. The domestic valve industry overall gap with foreign relatively large. Performance in technology, product design behind, unchanged for many years, new product development capability is weak, less variety specifications, can not meet the requirements of all walks of life process. Products tracking the development of foreign technology, technology development effort is not enough, the manufacturing process more backward. From the South Valve Company to see the technological innovation in the valve market The grim international situation forced some domestic valve companies based on their own advantages, self-reliance and innovative technology. Established in 1996, Zhuzhou Nanfang Valve Co., Ltd. was established as a small private-owned factory with a production capacity of only 500,000 yuan and an output value of 800,000 yuan. In just a few years, it has made a total assets of more than 100 million yuan with an output value of 110 million yuan Joint-stock enterprises. Staff from a few years ago a few people developed to have more than 400 employees, more than 70 senior technical staff, was identified as Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Department of high-tech enterprises. Southern valve companies from scratch, from small to large, from the workshop-style factories, to successfully transform into joint-stock modern enterprise, achieved leapfrog development, effective in the company has long been committed to strengthening core manufacturing and core technology development capabilities. The company has developed and developed with independent intellectual property rights of multi-function pump control valve, adjustable valve, automatic control valve, hydraulic control valve 15 series of more than 150 kinds of specifications of the valve products are widely used in municipal water supply, sewage treatment , High-rise buildings and other industries for the drainage or fluid control system, the annual production capacity of 150 million. March 2002, Zhuzhou South Valve Company to break through technical difficulties, the successful production of the current domestic maximum diameter DN1200 diaphragm hydraulic control valve, causing the country with the industry pay close attention. The company enjoys 11 national patents, of which, multi-function pump control valve than similar valves, with a slow opening, slow closure, effectively eliminating the water hammer and valve linkage, the implementation of automatic opening and closing features to fill the gap, to domestic Leading level. Adjustable pressure relief valve won the second prize of machinery industry in Hunan Province, the national Torch Program project certificate. As Hunan Machinery Industry Valve Product Quality Supervision and Testing Station affiliated units, Zhuzhou South Valve Co., Ltd. since 2002, has edited "multi-function pump control valve", "water supply and drainage multi-function pump control valve application of technical regulations" "Diaphragm Quick Opening Mud Valve" and other three industry standards. The product is also compiled into nine national and industry standards, is the valve industry in the production of hydraulic control valve series nominal maximum diameter, the highest nominal pressure of the enterprise. In the past eight years, the Company has been growing rapidly with an average annual growth rate of more than 50%. The overall economic index has risen from 74 in 2003 to the top 30 in 2004. The hydraulic valve market occupies the first place in the country . In August 2005, in the bidding for valves on the right bank of the Three Gorges Project in the Three Gorges Project, Southern Valve Co., Ltd. won the bid of the Three Gorges Project by winning over the well-known foreign enterprises such as Germany and Israel. After the test, the South Valve Company produced flexible seat gate valve, the number of shut down life of 58,000 times, while the European standard of 30,000 times, the domestic standard of 8,000 times. Excellent product quality all make eyebrows, but also allow foreigners lost convinced. Turning to the success of the enterprise, Zhuzhou South Valve Co., Ltd., chairman of Huang Jing in the phrase: "In the fierce market competition, who have good technology, who have excellent quality, who can continue to develop New Products, who Will be able to get ahead in the fierce market competition, come to the fore. "Technological innovation-led product development Experts pointed out that according to the development of valve technology, the valve market changes and the development of national development projects and development policies for some time to come, The future of valve technology and product development companies should focus on the following aspects: First, pay attention to large-scale projects supporting valve production and development, for large-scale development projects, first, the development of complete sets of engineering valves, and second, focus on product variety and multi-specification production. According to the current national key project development plan, the valve industry, "Eleventh Five-Year" period and the following several years of demand is mainly in the long-term pipeline valves, "South-North Water Diversion Project" and other fields. Only long-term pipeline valves, "Eleventh Five-Year" and the coming years is expected to build 20,000 km of gas pipelines, large-scale pipeline ball valve has great demand. During the "Eleventh Five-year" period, it is estimated that a new crude oil high-pressure pipeline will be 5000km long and more than 3,000 high-pressure large-diameter valves will be required. The "South-to-North Water Transfer Project" is a cross-century backbone project in China. The total investment in the three eastern, central and western regions needs to exceed 450 billion yuan. The eastern water transfer project started in December 2002 and requires a large number of large-diameter gate valves, special square gate valves Special valve and pump station supporting valve. Development of high performance and high parameters of large power plants, nuclear power plant valves. Nuclear power valves, the "Tenth Five-Year" later, China has about 11 nuclear power units, which all 11 nuclear power units run, nuclear power accounts for about 3% of electricity generation, there is still a big gap between developed countries. At present, China has the right to design and manufacture nuclear power valve manufacturers, according to incomplete statistics, there are 13, in the "Eleventh Five-Year" period must further develop new nuclear power valve products, improve product quality and expand production capacity in order to meet the nuclear power valve localization Need. In terms of coal-electric valves, the demand for thermal power unit equipment in the next few years in China will still be huge. In the future, the construction of conventional thermal power projects will be strictly controlled in accordance with the requirements for optimal development of thermal power plants. The demand for thermal power equipment products will shift to large capacity, high parameters, Pollution and automation direction. In addition, valves for the exploitation of petroleum and offshore oil in the Mainland should be developed with corresponding performance and parameters; special special valves and large-diameter valves required for such projects as metallurgy, large-scale ethylene and high-pressure polyethylene; and the development of low pressure valves and counterbalance valves for urban construction and A variety of environmental valve.

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