Hydrogen pressurized diaphragm compressor into PTA domestic equipment

The newly developed GD4 hydrogen booster diaphragm compressor developed by Beijing Jingcheng Environmental Protection Industry Development Co., Ltd. was recently identified by the National Development and Reform Commission as a domestically produced equipment for large-scale PTA projects. It is expected to be obtained in China's 1 million tons/year PTA localization project. application.

The compressor inlet pressure is 0.8 MPa, the outlet pressure is 11 MPa, the displacement is 400 Nm 3 /h, and the compressed medium is hydrogen. The utility model has the advantages of good sealing performance, the compressed medium is not in contact with any lubricant, and is suitable for compressing a gas having a very high purity, and can achieve a purity of 99.999% or more; the heat dissipation performance of the cylinder is good, and a high compression ratio can be adopted. The moving parts of the compressor borrow the structure of the symmetric balanced piston compressor, which is stable and reliable in operation, low in vibration and low in noise. The cylinder parts adopt the structure without oil distribution plate, which reduces the difficulty of assembly process, and alarms when the compressed medium leaks, improving the whole The reliability of the machine; the control system with high degree of automation; the whole equipment is concentrated on an armored chassis to facilitate the transportation, installation and management of the equipment.

Jingcheng Environmental Protection Company has developed China's first domestic diaphragm compressor, and the diaphragm compressor produced has been in the leading position in China. The GD4 series large diaphragm compressor developed by the company is one of the largest diaphragm compressors in the world, reaching the international advanced level and reversing the situation that domestic large diaphragm compressors rely entirely on imports, in industrial gases, petrochemicals, nuclear power, Aerospace, food and medicine, and scientific research experiments have been widely used.

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